Historic Preservation

Next week, there will be a statewide historic preservation conference here in New Harmony — perfect place for it! –and the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art is hosting a reception for it on Wednesday April 7, 5-7 pm. We are mounting a series of my rural architecture tapestries for the event. I think it will be a great audience for my work.

2 thoughts on “Historic Preservation

  1. Jennifer

    They are beautiful! I like how you add interest with the stripes rather than just blocks of color. Hmmm – you’ve also inspired me to think more simply about my tapestries. I think more complicated and then never get to make them!

  2. LFN Textiles

    Simplicity is an interesting concept with textiles: sometimes I think I might have stripped too much out of a few of them (not these). When there is not so much seductive detail, the composition is much more critical, and every thread plays its part more acutely. These were a nice challenge. Now I am working with more detail as a kind of reaction to the simplicity in this series.

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