a different slow pace

So, having run out of the linen floss in the tree piece, I went back to a tapestry I began earlier in January, of burr comb (which is the free-form comb honeybees make when not restricted to a bee frame). This piece required a real change of mental gears to get back to, as each honey cell, though made exactly like its neighbor, requires attention to shaping and counting threads to keep the circles round (I WILL NOT weave hexagons, you mathematical people out there who think weavers can do just any old geometry they like on their grids). The trees, on the other hand, allow me to apply the moss detail at whim, intuitively.

I would guess I am about 1/3 of the way up. When I can leave this seductive computer I will go over to the loom today and keep going. Yesterday afternoon I wove 4 rows of cells. The space heater is by me feet to keep me rooted to the spot in my chilly, high-ceilinged studio.

6 thoughts on “a different slow pace

  1. spiritedplay

    Laura – I just received my labyrinth ribbon order…thank you! I noticed that you are located in New Harmony…the Labyrinth Society Gathering will take place there in Nov. – I will be there for about a week (as a board member we also have a meeting before the conference). I hope to meet you in Nov.! Looking forward to following your blog. Carol

  2. LFN Textiles

    Carol: no coincidence: My husband Ben Nicholson is co-chairing the conference and we have designed these ribbons collaboratively! We certainly will meet then and I look forward to it very much! Look at my earlier posts about Ben’s leaf labyrinths.

  3. spiritedplay

    small world and no such thing as a coincidence…just time we coincide! Is your husband related to Cordelia (your sister in law…I think?)? I do some work with the Delaware Art Museum – Cordelia & Danielle Rice are friends. I love the leaf labyrinth…can’t wait till Nov.!

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