Fine art tapestries and textiles by Laura Foster Nicholson

My woven artwork investigates architecture and gardens in relation to the kind of imagery I can generate on a loom. Frequently historic gardens (nature manipulated by man) and the buildings related to them are my subjects.

A recurring theme in my work is domesticity. House is the ultimate sheltering of man and his dreams; garden is his response to nature, an attempt to re-create it. Both places are man-made expressions of the human spirit in the process of defining a way of life. What these tapestries attempt to define is not so much the framework – the architecture – but the way in which that frame mirrors the life it shelters.

Recent work has moved toward recording the various ways humankind has interfered in our environment. Seemingly idyllic green fields of modern agriculture are laced with oil pumps and storage tanks. The historic flooding of Venice. A new group of works  explores the meaning of the massive container ships upon which we depend so heavily. My investigations have led me to understand the folly of humanity’s constant push toward greatness.