big moths

I stepped out the door this morning and saw at my feet a gorgeous and huge moth clinging to the lower edge of the door. Look at those eyes! Made me want to go in an put on more eyeliner, just to keep up. He must have been 4″ across. I love moths — except for bread moths, which are hatching again right now, and clothing moths, who make little bites across my wool threads. So I weave moths into my tapestries as talismans and protection. This fellow’s eyes will protect him!
The Moths tapestry is at Hibberd McGrath Gallery, Breckinridge, CO.

2 thoughts on “big moths

  1. Lynn Smetko

    This is a polyphemous moth, born without a mouth with the sole purpose to recreate. The eyes are beautiful, aren’t they? I had one on our window screen last year.

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