just for fun

I have been fascinated with doilies for the last couple of years — I have designed lots of things with them, some of which will be coming out later this year, but I decided that I wanted to try my hand at some surface design techniques for a change. I am really rusty here — the last time I remember doing anything like this with textile paints or printing techniques — outside of teaching them — was at KCAI when I was student there in the 70’s! But I have been frustrated with the limitations of my abilities recently, and my friend Christine Tarkowski visited a couple of weeks ago and she is always great at challenging me. (Chris has a terrific show at the Chicago Cultural Center right now, closing on May 2 with a concert with Jon Langford, but go if you can and see her kick-ass prints!) So these frilly doilies are for you, Christine!
(above, textile paints on cotton batiste, Laura Foster Nicholson; below, Last Things Will be First and First Things will be Last, Christine Tarkowski, 2010)