In My Mind’s Eye I am Fine

Yesterday I finished shipping out all of the tapestries for my upcoming show at Hibberd McGrath Gallery, opening April 2. What a feeling of accomplishment! This was a big body of work, full of feeling, and the last piece was compounded in difficulty by my breaking my arm 4 weeks ago. I went to the loom as soon as I could and managed to squeak out some of the weaving, but this was the largest piece, topping out at 65″ tall, and it wasn’t until my cast came off last week that I could really attack the bees and get it finished. So here are the last 2 pieces off the loom, both woven on the same dip-dyed red warp.

In My Mind’sEye I am fine, 2011, 65″ x 29″

Swarm, 2011, 31″ x  29″

2 thoughts on “In My Mind’s Eye I am Fine

  1. Anonymous

    gorgeous pieces. i saw a few of your pieces in santa fe this past weekend. the gallery attendant was impressed i knew your very distinctive work. good luck with the new show.

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