white on white

I have been commissioned by a Chicago architect to weave a set of six pillow faces, white on white. “…I have the constraints of all white and no image, so I know it is not your signature work, but I do want the weave to have character,” he wrote. I have had so much fun! luxury yarns which I ordinarily don’t employ in wall hangings, (bamboo, silk/merino, and linen on worsted wool) and the subtlety and restraint of expression with out resorting to color, such a nice change of pace.

Three have brocaded faces based on my Alders weaving of a few posts ago (we are calling it the Birch design); the other three are all over textural weaves. Woven in my signature 3 harness twill with simple variations in weight and treadling, they have been a pleasure to weave.

2 thoughts on “white on white

  1. jen

    I am absolutey a fan of white on white – So much so that I told my husband if we ever get that dream house I keep talking about, most if not all the walls will be white! Or maybe just one room.

    Love the peonies too, and am completely jealous of your morning view of them. Thanks so much for sharing!

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