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drawing from life, or death

While I was in Halifax, Sandra suggested to me that my drawings were potent and important. !!!! When one values textiles, it is hard to remember that something as “quick” as a drawing might have its own value. Sandra encouraged me to draw whatever I saw.  So, as I always am observational, I decided to begin drawing again.

yesterday on the walk from home to Studio, I found a number of dead insects which spoke to me.  This adventure culminated in the experience of going swimming at the pool and finding a glorious, dead, dragonfly floating on the water.  I carried her home from the pool to join the others, intent to draw each and every one.

Late in the evening, she suddenly moved!  The chlorine expelled from her lungs? Weak, disabled, she could not go far.  So I put her in a safe place. Periodically, when disturbed, she waves her feeble legs and shifts position.

What to do? Meanwhile, drawing the others.