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more from colloquy 2007

I was writing this morning about Bhakti Ziek’s upcoming visit, and her participation in Colloquy 2009 at St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana. Here are a few photos I took two years ago when Br. Kim Malloy took our group into the vestry to examine some of the real treasury of vestments, old and new, collected there. I won’t go into detail about the fabric constructions; some are brocaded, some are embroidered, some are perhaps lampas or takete. Bhakti would know!
The photo of Br. Kim is in the area with the more contemporary vestments, all hand woven.

time to show the art

Having spent most of my web-identity energy on ribbons and ribbon-related projects for the last several years, it is time to show the artwork that comes out of my busy studio as well. I have multiple artistic identities which balance art, craft, and design; most are textile-oriented and drawing-based. So now, in no particular order, I will begin to catalogue the artwork that I make. This consists primarily of hand woven “tapestries”, actually made with a brocading technique. I call them tapestries because they hang on walls in the old tapestry tradition.

Today’s post is of recent work, tapestries which are based on the landscape and rural buildings in the vicinity of my new home in New Harmony, Indiana.

top to bottom:
Orange Slat Barn, 2007, 29” x 30”, wool cotton rayon

Corn Cribs & Pear Tree, 2007, 30” x 30”, wool cotton metallic rayon nylon

Cornflowers, 2007, wool & cotton 31” x 30.5”

Corn, 2007, wool, cotton, metallic, 33.5” x 30”