Looking for Vision

alder eye

Bird Marsh, Bloedel Reserve

Bird Marsh, Bloedel Reserve

For me and for many people I know, 2017 has proven, so far, to be a year full of dread.  The hope and creativity I reaped from an artistic retreat at Bloedel Reserve on Puget Sound last October remains a fragile flame to protect from howling winds of change around me.  I am grateful, so lucky, to have had the opportunity for that beautiful and thoughtful time, just before the election, to focus on what was important to me as an artist, and to sharpen my ability to see, and to manifest what I see in my art.

My work for many years has been more about pleasure, contentment, finding the good in my world.  It has felt solid, providing a vision of beauty as a way of making sense of what is important to me. That no longer seems to be enough.

weaving a river

Weaving a River

I recently began a weaving which, in spirit at least, felt totally new to me.  Some of the visual techniques are familiar, some  are stretching, as I struggled to manifest something deeply felt and ineffable.  I have decided that it is the world of the feeling and the spirit that have meaning for me now. How to show them?  

As I was trying to focus on how to go about the new work, I was doing my morning crossword and hit upon a clue to both a word, and to what I was thinking about: “river of forgetfulness”.  Aha. It resonates.

Crossword clue

New York Times Crossword Clue

The resulting tapestry refers to the sad, longing eyes in the alder trees which watched after me on my daily walk through the woods.  They were growing around a gloriously evocative bird marsh at Bloedel Reserve, and the knots where limbs had been were all eye shaped.  This image spoke so strongly to me I knew it was a big metaphor.

alder eye

the watching alder tree

I know it seems to be a dark work.  It hurts me to look at it.  The silver river winds among the watching trees, trying to distract from what they are seeing.

River Lethe

The River Lethe, 2017
handwoven textile 34″ x 27″

2 thoughts on “Looking for Vision

  1. Chris Leith

    Thanks for articulating the horrid mix of feelings that we are encountering everyday. Such a struggle to respond, produce and express all that we are feeling as we see our country crumbling under the regime of Trump. I am sitting on the street in Florida, “mending” and embroidering words on cloth…….RESIST, UNIFY, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE………

  2. Bozena Wojtaszek (@textile_cuisine)

    Good evening,
    I know it is out of context to comment on this post as my day, despite all the dreadfulness around, ends up wonderful – I just discovered your art and I’m in awe. Your gardens and architectural pieces speak directly to my heart.
    Love your color palettes but most of all love the atmosphere you create. This is the world I want to live in and your art makes it possible. Thanks for this!

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