More Crochet by Sophie Digard

As one might notice from the article immediately previous to this one, I am a big fan of Sophie Digard’s amazing work in crochet. I have a small collection of her scarves that I add to as I can afford to; having found my first one at the Robin Richman shop in Chicago many years ago.  Here are some of the photos I have taken or collected over the years, without further commentary.  I hope you find them as rich as I do!  For more images and the opportunity to indulge in buying one, you can go to my favorite place for textiles,

3 thoughts on “More Crochet by Sophie Digard

  1. Danielle Frick

    Hi Laura,
    sitting here at my computer at work and cannot stop thinking about the wonderful week and the amazing women I have met…found you on pinterest (!!) and have slavishly followed ALL your boards….small compensation for missing you all!
    hope you are having a lovely couple of french days, will email some photos…love Danielle

  2. kateuk

    One day I will have one…they are beautiful , whenever I am at a textile show and they have them on a stand, I go and gaze longingly…probably just as well I can’t afford one as the choosing would be impossible!

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