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Following on the heels of the loss of the gallerist, Martha Hibberd, early this spring, I received a sad phone call from Terry McGrath, partner in the gallery Hibberd/McGrath in Breckinridge CO, that she was closing the gallery for various reasons. 

Marty & Terry were fabulous gallerists and warm, embracing people.  Although I had never set foot in the gallery, I had visited them at SOFA Chicago year after year and we struck up a professional and friendly relationship.  I had two solo shows there and was in a few group shows, and the work was beautifully displayed and then sold to discerning collectors. I have rarely had such a comfortable and honest relationship with a gallery as I had with H/M.

So today the long parcels arrived, carrying my “inventory” home to me.  It has been rather like a birthday unwrapping them all:  over a decade’s worth of old friends up to the most recent body of work which I had shown there last April.  As I have not woven anything significant since shipping the balance of that work to Patina Gallery last fall, it was a redemption to see it all: some of my best work, all beautifully packaged interleaved with acid free tissue, carefully and lovingly preserved and sent off.

After 6 months of questioning my art and my purpose, it is reassuring to have them here for the moment, so I am going to show them all to you right here.

And then, please comment:  I need another gallery now! Any ideas?

Bemused, 29” x 28”,  wool with metallic 

Haven 17” x 29”, wool with metallic

Butterflies & Caterpillars, 2005, 43″ x 17″

Small Orange Barn, 2007,  wool, cotton & metallic, 26.5” x 17.5

Bee Swarm, 2009, 32” x 30”wool with metallic, silk and cotton

Pink Cakes, 2004, 23.5” x 27”

Bee Hives & Lavender, 2006, wool, cotton, metallic  

Green Jug at the Lake, 2005, 63.5” x 35”

Jelly Beans, 2004, 26” x 28.5”, wool with cotton

Study for Burning Barn 20” x 18”, wool with nylon, cotton

Cakes  2000  95” x 22”, wool with cotton

Bread Bins,  2001, 27” x 38”, wool with cotton

Spinning Oranges 74” x 17”, wool with cotton

Purple Loosestrife, 2006, 24” x 34”, wool with cotton

Horror Vacui: Brush & Spoon  1998, 50.5” x 8.5”, wool & cotton

Tomatoes  (detail), wool & cotton  2000    108” x 20”

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