burned and done

As I have written recently it has been hard to stay on task at the studio due to complications in my life. Last week, I moved out of the home my husband & I had made together, and into a beautiful little Harmonist house built in 1820. The day before I was to close & move I suddenly needed to weave, went to the loom I had tied up (See “Burning On”, January 21), and wove most of the tapestry — up through the roof of the barn — in a heat before having to leave to go home & finish packing. I realize that the passion to get it done was the reality leaving one life behind. Though I knew when I planned it what this piece is a metaphor for, I still can’t believe the direct line to the heart artmaking follows. I think it is a strong piece. I feel stronger having made it.

This afternoon I finished weaving the Burning Barn. It is now washed and pressed and waiting to be hemmed but I was excited enough to begin writing about it before I completely wrap it up. This photo shows a detail, the overall size will be roughly 32″ x 30″.

3 thoughts on “burned and done

  1. Anonymous

    Speechless. And weeping. Incredibly powerful piece, Laura. A rain of love on that ‘barn’ and all it signifies.

  2. Anonymous

    i agree, incredibly powerful words to accompany your gorgeous piece. you’ve moved me. peace and healing to you. soon.

  3. Susan

    Still reading your story, as you you work through your changing circumstances, and keep going back to your loom. It’s inspirational, and also sad, but I know imagination, the “intimate conversation between myself and the loom” is a life boat. I’m so sorry you broke your wrist, a cruel twist. But, ha! You’re still weaving

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