prairie pillow is done!

This afternoon I completed sewing up the Prairie pillow.  I had to make a time equation that was really interesting. When I lived in Chicago, I would have shopped for the backing fabric & trim and easily found something that would enhance the tapestry face.  Here in southern Indiana, I realized I could easily spend a day looking for fabric, and not find it; also it takes 45 minutes each way to drive into Evansville to begin the search!   So I hand-wove the backing as well as the fabric for the welting, and came out about the same in time, with superior results.  So here you have it: wool twill brocade pillow face, wool twill backing & handmade welting.  Voila!

4 thoughts on “prairie pillow is done!

  1. Lisa

    Gorgeous! And I love the fact that you wove your backing!!! I hope the pillow will now hold center-stage somewhere in your home.

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