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I am in Santa Fe New Mexico this morning, having come here with my friend Docey Lewis.  She is deeply involved with Haitian artisans, many of whom have lost the workshops she helped them to establish over the years, so Hand/Eye Fund (related to the sumptuous Hand/Eye Magazine, which you absolutely MUST subscribe to if you love textiles and fine crafts from around the world) is sponsoring A Million Hearts for Haiti to raise needed money for rebuilding.

Santa Fe has grown so much over the years — as everyone comments upon — that the hustle & bustle seem comparable to New York to me after the peacefulness of my home in New Harmony.  Fun and stimulating for a few days, but I am ready to quiet down again.

In addition to the market — which I have described in a bit more detail on my other blog — we went up to Abiquiu for a night to see Ghost Ranch (the famed home of Georgia O’Keefe) and also our friends Philip and Ali Newell, who are doing their annual 3 week spiritual residency at Casa del Sol there.  The tranquility and sheer beauty of the region were unsurpassed.  We have had long conversations about the importance of place — both New Harmony and Abiquiu are “thin” places where one is closer to God (or if you prefer, to your own center).  Docey and  I were so struck that we have begun making plans to get back there for a retreat ASAP. 

I have written several times about labyrinths in this space so it seems fitting to show you the simple heart labyrinth that has been made at Casa del Sol.  And above that, a lovely prayer tree next to the labyrinth where prayers are written on strips of cloth and tied to the branches of the tree to be whispered to the passing winds.  Below, the heart stone at the center of the labyrinth.

Tonight we move along to Albuquerque to spend the night at Los Poblanos Inn, an organic lavender farm with a bed and breakfast.  Should be heaven.  More soon!.

3 thoughts on “more hearts

  1. Rayela Art

    Oh, Laura! What a wonderful trip! I long to go out there someday… Have never been to Santa Fe and have wanted to see it for years! Not sure the hustle and bustle sounds good, but the rest of it does! Enjoy!

  2. candy

    Oh, such a lovely sounding trip. Drive around the block the next time you go and I’ll hop into your suitcase and go with you.

  3. rasmith

    I just had the opportunity to visit Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch two weeks ago for the first time and feel much as you that it is a special place to help find our center again. I like your photos. I have visited Santa Fe a number of times and miss the old less busy days, but still enjoy going for the art.

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