an ecstatic tree-hugger

What better activity for all-hallow’s eve and all saint’s day than to rake more leaf labyrinths? Ben created this sublime piece of work yesterday, Halloween, at the base of the most beautiful maple tree in New Harmony, on the grounds of our Granary building. Ben worked several hours simply determining where to position the entrance. The tree’s arms receive the visitor and the labyrinth echoes its embrace in a joyful dance.

The Granary was built by the Harmonists to store grain, and was lovingly restored ten years ago by the Rapp Owen Granary Foundation to become the most glorious interior space in town. Happy weddings take place there, along with concerts of all kinds during our winter nights. The acoustics are nearly perfect. Two weeks ago I had the intense pleasure of listing to the chamber music ensemble of the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra play 3 of Bach’s Brandenburg concerti there one golden October afternoon. It brought me to tears. As does Ben’s work here.

Ben will continue work on this and maybe a new labyrinth all day today. Please come visit if you are in town!

4 thoughts on “an ecstatic tree-hugger

  1. Cordelia Rose

    Perfect … I spent yesterday finishing Blaek’s labyrinth, my second and recyclable equine labyrinth. This one is a 7-circuit classic with the pathway delineated by horse manure! wish New Mexico wasn’t quite so far away from New Harmony!

  2. christinebyhand

    This looks like I will have a way to make raking much more enjoyable when the leaves begin to fall here in Minnesota. What a wonderful idea–a labyrinth of leaves!

    I have a very special appreciation for labyrinths as a path to prayer and a journey of celebration. Our oldest son and his wife were married in a labyrinth created by William Frost on his land in rural Northfield. Sadly, William has since sold the land and moved to Santa Fe, but we hold the place in our minds and hearts.

    Thank you for sharing your talents and ways to create a bit of soulful meditation in the midst of a world in continuous motion.


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