temporal labyrinths in leaves

This past weekend my husband Ben spent the entire 2 days outside in the warm October sun, raking leaves into a beautiful labyrinth at the base of a brilliant sugar maple in the Harmonist Cemetery. He made a second labyrinth nearby by raking pine needles. These are temporal works of art, maintained by constant Zen-like raking, beautiful to walk and to gaze up through the boughs of the generous tree-host.

5 thoughts on “temporal labyrinths in leaves

  1. Ideezine

    This is the first I’ve seen of a labyrinth with a tree. How special and beautiful with fall here. I’ve learned something today.


  2. LFN Textiles

    This will last until the wind blows it away, maybe hours or maybe days. Ben has also made labyrinths on the beach with many participants. They last until the water washes them away (or footprints wear them off)

  3. Cordelia Rose

    I make ephemeral labyinths in a 40ft diameter circle of raked earth at Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths. They last intil my horses roll in the soft dry clay or until I rake it into another Zen garden for someone else to create their own labyrinth. You shuffle the design with your feet. Bare feet are best.

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