Labyrinth Society of America

It it exciting to report that the Labyrinth Society of America (TLS) has decided to hold its 2010 Annual Gathering here in New Harmony, Indiana. It wasn’t a hard sell — New Harmony has 2 labyrinths which attract thousands of visitors, and my husband, Ben Nicholson, is a well-known labyrinth expert, and also an expert persuader. He just returned from the 2009 TLS annual Gathering in Portland, OR, full of ideas and anticipation for next year.

We have already hatched plans for making equine labyrinths, guided by Ben’s sister Cordelia Rose, of Whitewater Mesa labyrinths in Glenwood NM. Cordelia has built several labyrinths out on her land and trains horses to walk them, something which both increases the animal’s agility and calms him. She came out here in August and worked with a number of horse owners to convince them to participate with their horses in the TLS gathering next year.

Ben is excited about making new, temporary labyrinths all over town, including the dirt “shuffle labyrinth” he keeps cleared at the back of our land.

2 thoughts on “Labyrinth Society of America

  1. Jennifer

    Very cool -I’m glad you shared this. I’ve only been to one permanent labyrinth at the Mepkin Abbey. I’ve seen temporary ones on canvas for setup inside, but there is something I enjoy about one outside. What a cool idea on the horses – I wonder about walking my dog through one… Thanks again!

  2. Ideezine

    This is such a great idea. These days we need to center ourselves and our loved ones (pets), to continue to be positive. I’ve been to one in Santa Barbara CA.several times. They are wonderful! Thanks for posting this.


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