Bhakti Ziek

My very dear friend, Bhakti Ziek, is coming to visit me here in a couple of weeks, her second trip to New Harmony. A consummate weaver, and a renowned teacher, Bhakti will be the featured speaker at the upcoming Weaver’s Colloquy at St Meinrad Archabbey, in nearby St Meinrad IN.

Colloquy originated with a group of complex weavers in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, where they met regularly to converse about their passion for weaving and the tools of weaving. Eventually they moved the meetings down to St Meinrad, where Brother Kim Malloy, a textile enthusiast and quite a raconteur, hosts everyone for a week in its beautiful surroundings in Southern Indiana. When I presented there two years ago, Br. Kim delighted us with several hours spent poring over the jaw-droppingly elaborate textiles in the vestry, an experience I will not soon forget.

Bhakti currently lives in Randolph, Vermont, where she weaves in a beautiful old house she shares with her husband, Mark Goodwin, a formidably talented sculptor. Bhakti takes in students for advanced tutorials in dobby and jacquard weaving. She keeps a TC1 loom along with various other hand & dobby looms in her studio.

Colloquy 2009

October 12-15, 2009
St. Meinrad Archabby, IN
Bhakti Ziek will be the
featured presenter
Contact Kathy O’Neal for
or call 219-938-2936

Bhakti Ziek and Alice Schlein’s book,
The Woven Pixel: Designing for Jacquard and Dobby Looms Using Photoshop ©

Co-authored by Alice Schlein and Bhakti Ziek. 362 pages, many illustrations. Includes a CD with over 1400 weave structures.

(shown here, 2 lampas weavings by Bhakti Ziek, “Chaos & Order 3” and “Natural Dyes 2”; Bhakti weaving at her TC-1 loom, and a drawing by Mark Goodwin. Note the relationship to Bhakti’s weavings!)