lavender harvest

For years, I lived in Chicago, where I could not find a lavender variety which could withstand the winter. I have always loved lavender; I have made tapestries about it, filled sachets with it, kept it in my pocket to sniff at odd times. It is highly soothing, as well as cheering.

So now that we live in Southern Indiana — zone 7, I think! — we have been able to plant lavender in abundance. So far it just edges the porch, but I would love to see a field of it beyond the vegetable garden. For the last 3 nights I have been harvesting it, so that it will have a chance at a second flowering. The Provence Lavender came first, with 4 fat bunches; then the English lavender, (which Ben declares to be the finest scent, but then he is nationalistic to a fault), and tonight, the Grosso lavender. It might be the best.

The house is full of its scent; bunches are hanging from a line above the dining table to dry. It is sublime.

(The tapestry shown is called “Lavender” from 2003.)

3 thoughts on “lavender harvest

  1. Fiber Focus

    My lavender took forever to sprout and is now slowly growing. I don’t know if the soil was too rich or not enough sun or what…. So, I am jealous once again.

    You cat looks very much like a cat that I had, Loco…

  2. LFN Textiles

    The lavender which does best here is Grosso; also do very well with Provence. the Hidcote, though a beautiful color, is a much smaller plant and fewer blooms. You should be able to do equally well in Paducah, though maybe soil has something to do with it: ours is poor quality and sandy/clay.

  3. cathy

    Our lavender struggles, but survives on its own, more or less. Mother-in-law Patricia planted it in her herb garden, which we have inherited. Some years, I have replanted with various other lavenders, but it is her original plants that survive. Ours is a northern exposure to the water, an inlet of a river that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay. Strong winds roll in with Nor’easters, along with lots of oak leaves and pine straw. When she planted them originally 30 years ago, their site probably received more sun.

    I covet your lavender tapestry, Laura, and long to see the original.

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