a nice surprise

I am always grateful that people actually buy my tapestries. This amazing act of faith has enabled me to continue my life as a studio artist for over 30 years. Can you imagine how lucky I feel! And though the times ahead are perilous, I have weathered recessions before and hope to manage again this time.

Therefore I was astounded & delighted the other day to receive a note, via my etsy site, from a woman who had tracked down my tapestries and bought one from one Patina Gallery, and then, amazingly, a second from Telluride Gallery. Thank you, Angelique! You are indeed an angel.

2 thoughts on “a nice surprise

  1. yarnopfile

    I am the lucky one for these beautiful tapestries hang in my apartment.
    The corn reminds me of Kansas where I lived for 7 years and have missed ever since I left a few months ago (much to my surprise).
    My home is the desert but can never get enough of rivers and streams. I love the sounds of flowing water and can spend hours digging around & inspecting the smooth stones they form.

  2. Fiber Focus

    Wow! It’s beautiful! Lou told me about you and said that you would be here for the quilt show (Paducah). Where will you be? I’d love to meet you and would also like to invite you to join our Fiber Focus group (www.fiberfocus.ning.com).

    And, if you would like to write an article for my blog, I’m sure my readers would be interested in what you do.

    All the best, Rachel

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