spring stones

I find that I am needing sharp spring green in my life right now: I have been waiting for it but it is cold out and things are slow to open. The fields of winter wheat are emerald green against leaden skies and rich wet brown earth, but that sharp yellow green is only here & there in a weeping willow budding out. By next week I will be satisfied, but today I am weaving it in among the grey & black stones on my warp.

4 thoughts on “spring stones

  1. DeAnna

    Hi I love the Spring Stones and I really love all of your pieces from the Garden Series you did with the vegetables. Just wonderful. I’ve been reading your blog and I noticed a couple of pics of you warping. Do you use only one warp or do you have a second warp for tie downs on the Brocade sections? For example, similar to Theo Moorman technique? Or do you just weave your twill ground shot and then add the brocade in the same shed? Oh I love the new work too and I hope you find a new gallery soon. I’ve admired your work for years and I’m glad I found your blog. I discovered you years ago in a Shuttle Spindle Depot article or maybe it was Fiberarts. Keep on weaving!

  2. LFN Textiles

    How nice of you to write, DeAnna. I work in a simple 3 harness twill, compound, meaning that I treadle once for inlay and a second time for the ground shuttle. I have never liked Theo Moorman, too rigid looking. I only use one warp beam and most of the time, the design is distributed well enough around the warp so as not to cause too many tension problems, though sometimes it is an issue. Thank you for the compliments about my work &writing, I have been in a bit of a work funk for a while now and am trying to formulate how to get back to weaving!

  3. DeAnna

    I’m just getting back into weaving again myself. I worked in the textile industry designing Jacquards for the home for ten years. During that time my looms did not get warped at all. Now I own and operate a yarn dyeing business and I’m weaving tapestry again and trying to get my 8 harness loom up and running again.
    Dream loom…. would love to have my own AVL Jacquard loom.
    I miss designing Jacquards but the Industry is really hurting right now. I would love to hand weave some Jacquards again on an AVL like I did at SCAD during grad school. I’ve played around with Theo Moorman a little but I think I’m going to give your more traditional brocade technique a try. I love tapestry weaving but wanted to try something a little faster too. I hope your funk ends soon and you get back to your looms. Your work is very special and I know the market will get better. I would love to own one of your weavings but I’m saving my pennies for that dream loom. I’ll keep checking in to see what you do. I love how you did the small 6 inch pieces (garden) in the past maybe a few of those could help get your creative flow going again.

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