And a year goes by….

It has been on my mind that I have not posted here in a very long time. I come to the workshop here tonight to write, and I find that my last post was almost exactly one year ago!

For me, writing is an important adjunct to my creative process. It helps me to bring out what I have been musing about, and examine my thoughts in the light of day. This brings clarity, of course.

Yet, a whole year!

2018 and half of this year 2019, were devoted to exploring new avenues of expressive work involving the human face and figure. In a way, I wanted no additional words to describe the expressions on these faces. The whole point was to fine tune my craft to be able express a great variety of subtle and exact reactions, reflected on these faces, to our current extraordinary political environment.

two Dubious Friends, sitting on my couch

two  Dubious Friends, hand woven tapestries, each 24” x 23”, 2019

It has been several months since another face has emerged.  I am contemplating the next step.  In fact, I am rather happily weaving blanket throws and sewing old samples into little bags at the moment, celebrating the mere act of weaving, without the heavy considerations of art making.

Life has so many angles.  There is a time to think, a time to make, a time to reflect, and then that damned time when you chew yourself up with guilt for not being a super artist all of the time.  I will keep you posted. I promise, I will write!

2 thoughts on “And a year goes by….

  1. Katherine Lawrence

    This is clearly the creative process at work. As one area experiences the “muse” voicing an alluring idea that pulls our expression, our self goes to a place of rest and resurgence as we transition to the next haunting call. The writing is the voice from within saying I am ready to understand the movement of creative response.

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